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Being one of the rare exhibitions and events of the world in the field of LED and the biggest exhibition of Turkey as well as the whole region in the area of new generation Lighting, the International Led&Lighting Exhibition is preparing to bring the industry together for the 12th time.

Considering the big differences which can be made by a product in certain areas, LEDs will probably be at the top in the list of the world’s most effective products of the recent times. We observe that the market share of non-LED products is decreasing day by day in the industry of lighting, where LEDs and LED products have led the biggest change in addition to many other industries in which they have triggered radical changes.

We are continuing to annually organize and expand our exhibition that we began to carry out as the Led Exhibition as a result of a decision taken after a very careful research in the period when LEDs and LED products were not this popular, known by few people and could find place only in component exhibitions, and then reshaped as Led and Lighting Exhibition over time.

We are making a significant regulation regarding the content of the International Led&Lighting Exhibition in 2016. By adding the majority of the industries covered by our electric exhibition that we used to organize under the name of ELEX to the content of the International Led&Lighting Exhibition, we are arranging our exhibition in a way that it will also include interior wiring. With this restructuring, we are creating the opportunity to bring all the segments of the industry together under the title of a single exhibition.

As of 2016, the International Led&Lighting Exhibition will be able to provide service to the industry as an exhibition that covers all the products included in the route of electric power accessing a building beginning from electric panels to the final point where lighting occurs. 

The Effects and the Reflections of the era of Industry 4.0 as well as the “IoT (Internet of Things)” on the industry will be discussed at the International Led&Lighting Exhibition…!

Following all technological developments in the world closely and organizing the exhibitions where such technologies take their first steps into our country, we as Marmara Fair Organization, we are addressing the effects of the era of Industry 4.0 as well as the Internet of Things on the industry as one of the main titles within the scope of the International Led&Lighting Exhibition.

The arrangement of a special part in our exhibitions about the Industry 4.0 and the IoT every year beginning from 2016 will be ensured by discussing the subjects of IoT and Industry 4.0 at the conferences to be held at the same time with our exhibitions and encouraging our exhibitors to display products in line with this new era.

Being one of the most important building blocks in terms of promoting and popularizing LED Lighting, LEDs and LED products in our country, the International Led&Lighting Exhibition will, based on its present position, inevitably be the biggest international industry meeting of the region where our country is located. Being aware of the contributions of the International Led&Lighting Exhibition to the industry, we are extending and deepening our studies on our exhibition every other year.

We invite you to join us at the International Led&Lighting Exhibition, which aims to become one of the most significant exhibitions of its industry across the world, in order to:

  • Enlarge your share in this industry which has been continuously growing for years,
  • Increase your business volume in this industry which has a great commercial potential,
  • Meet new markets and new contacts, and
  • Precede and have the head start in the competition of this big market, which has not reached 10% of its potential yet.

Without fail, take your place at the International Led&Lighting Exhibition, where the products of today and the future will be displayed.