Having continued its investments on stage technologies, LED screen, LED lighting and digital control systems and R&D works ever since its day of foundation, AB TECH Elektronik has secured its place in the 12th International Led and Lighting Exhibition, the major organization of the industry.

Undersigning major projects with its specialized, experienced production, assembly, import – export team, AB TECH conducts after sale services for the Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics LED screen and stage show lighting brand for which it is the distributor and offers all spare parts and technical services for its products to its clients.

The company manufactures lighting products in the desired capacity with its CNC metal processing equipment, automation SMD string lines, test laboratories and innovative production equipment. Considered under 2 main categories, the activities of AB TECH are lighting group and LED screen group.

In the lighting group, the Light Emitting Diode (LED) is the newest lighting technology. Its use is rapidly spreading across the world owing to the many benefits it offers. The most significant among these benefits is that LED is much more economic compared to traditional lighting owing to its low power consumption and long service life.

LED lighting products consume 80% less power compared to standard lamps and 50% less power compared to energy efficient lamps. It has a service life of over 35,000 hours. In addition, it doesn’t emanate heat. Its carbon dioxide emission is almost none and hence it’s an environmentally friendly lighting technology. LED lamps and luminaires do not contain heavy materials such as mercury or halogen gases and therefore they do not cause harm on nature even after expiry of their service life.

LED lighting products do not require maintenance due to their long service life and robust structure which is resistant to shocks and they offer excellent solutions particularly in areas which are difficult to reach.

AB Tech LED lamps and luminaires have almost no UV radiation and have no magnetic field at all. Hence they do not pose any threat to your health and do not cause depression, skin diseases and eye disorders like energy efficient lamps do. The high color rendering of AB Tech LED lighting products allow objects to be perceived with their actual colors. It has high light efficiency and its light has no flicker.

In the LED screen group, AB TECH Elektronik carries out its LED screen activities by making import. It is the Turkey Representative of Dicolor Optoelectronics Company. Holding 40-45% of the global LED screen market, Dicolor Optoelectronics is a recognized brand in the market with its product quality and the services it offers via distributors after sale. AB TECH Elektronik offers these services in Turkey and markets products across Turkey in the LED screen market. The company will display a wide range of Dicolor products to the exhibitors. P10 Curved LED Screen, P3 Curved LED Screen, M1-391 Led Screen and M-591 Led Screen products are highlighted among the products to be launched by the company.

Organization and entertainment, advertising, agency, elections and political party works, exhibitions, public meetings and training organizations are among the industries which AB TECH Elektronik serves, who states that its products can be conveniently used in any indoor or outdoor organization.

The company’s references include activities of various organizations and institutions such as Expo 2016 Antalya, Congresium Ankara, Antalya Arena, General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM), TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkish Armed Forces General Staff, Turkish Republic Ministry of Youth and Sports, Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKI), Mutluhan Holding – Tanzania Shopping Mall, and the company is preparing to meet the professionals of the industry in the 12th International Led & Lighting Exhibition which will take place on October 6th – 9th, 2016 in Istanbul Expo Center (IFM).