LED, which was regarded by large masses as a technology used just in televisions early when it was introduced into the market, has proven itself in terms of saving, efficiency and performance and hence strengthened its position within the market. Having been considered as expensive, non-preferred and marginal lighting source compared to other lighting items in the past, LED has become a main current lighting element and even been involved in the energy policies of governments. LED upgrading works realized lately by the related ministries and local administrations in the field of road and city lighting in the developed and developing countries across the world imply this change.

Considering the figures, we can clearly see that a table similar to the rising graphic of LED technology across the world is reflected on Led&Led Lighting Exhibition. Particularly taking into account the number of exhibitors and visitors, the Exhibition has expanded in terms of figures and regions in parallel to the increasing significance of LED technology over the years. Regional expansion here means geographical expansion arising from the exhibitors from different regions of the world and means also expansion of the areas allocated to the exhibitors in the Exhibition area.

While Led&Led Lighting Exhibition was organized together with ISAF Exhibition since its launching year 2007 to 2010, with ADVEX Exhibition in 2010 and ELEX Exhibition in 2012, it has become a huge event held alone since 2014 in line with the increasing demand and organized in this way.  This year, the growing goals set by Marmara Fair Organization Team were met at the beginning of 2015, and it is aimed for 2016 to organize Led&Led Lighting Exhibition in three halls instead of two.

Peaking in the number of visitors as well as exhibitor companies and displayed products in its 11th year, the 11th International Led&Led Lighting Exhibition hosted the largest technological meeting of the related industries in the region this year as it did in the previous years. With innumerous technological innovations that were displayed, the most advanced and aesthetic models of the product series, with products that have eco-friendly features such as power efficiency and sustainability, the event is the common meeting point for the Led lighting industry, and it proved, once again, that it is one of the exhibitions that have the ‘brightest’ future, with its growth and expansion compared to the previous years.