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PSL Electronics to Take Part in Led&Led Lighting Exhibition

PSL Electronics to Take Part in Led&Led Lighting Exhibition

One of the leading companies of the lighting sector, PSL Electronics designs and produces new-generation LED fixtures with 23 years of experience and markets its locally-produced LED fixtures under the brand “Fiberli”. PSL Electronics offers energy-smart lighting solutions, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, with relation to fixtures for parks and gardens and streets, industrial fixtures, decorative fixtures, pool lighting fixtures and projectors. PSL Electronics completed more than 500 projects in total both within the country and abroad.

The projects successfully implemented by PSL Electronics include the whole body of Royal Al Hambra Hotel in Antalya; the façade and landscaping lighting for the main concept of Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel established on an area of 50.000 m² right along the cost of the Caspian Sea; the whole body of the interior and façade lighting of Family Mall, one of the largest shopping malls of Iraq; and many more.

PSL Electronics will debut its environmentally-friendly and highly energy-smart LEDLine, CromaDown, DecoPendant, FiberOptik, WallWasher, CromaFloor, CromaStreet and CromaGardena, LEDCell and AquaCroma product groups at Led&Led Lighting Exhibition. With a wide range of products, the company offers generic and decorative lighting solutions for indoors and provides the ideal outdoor lighting solutions for parks, gardens, pools, streets and avenues and façades. The new street lights of the CromaStreet product group and the new decorative hanging fixtures of the DecoPendant group will meet the visitors for the first time at Led&Led Lighting Exhibition.