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LED 2014


Growing every year, 10th International Led&Led Lighting Exhibition that was held on September 25-28, 2014 is, becoming a brand in the region, still the one and only exhibition of the sector. Laying the foundations for the most prominent and cutting-edge products to establish one-on-one contact with the potential buyers and target groups, 2014 Led&Led Lighting Exhibition was a prosperous exhibition where the participants surpassed their annual objectives.

It has today become more difficult to reach the customer and canalize to the product/service the customers whose awareness and choices have increased. At this point, the method which has increased in importance is the exhibitions which bring you within easy reach.

Led lighting technology systems are, as a sector, displaying a rapid rise in the whole world. Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which leads this rise in Turkiye and has become the only common meeting point of the sector made a name for itself this year again as an international exhibition that was participated in by domestic and international players. While LED technologies & systems were in the global market at the beginning of their development phase and were still a field of interest of a minor group in Turkiye, Marmara Fuarcılık began, looking ahead in a country which is not a LED manufacturer, to organize Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which, as the one and only activity of the sector in our country, will make our country the regional center in this field. We have been improving over years the operations that we conduct with righteous pride and motivation of actualizing this idea.

Any sort of LED semi-finished/component products is introduced at Led&Led Lighting Exhibition where LED lighting products are mainly exhibited. Led&Led Lighting Exhibition where any sort of LED products including any size of LED displays and LED products that are used in advertisement, outdoor lighting, architecture and industries is still the only exhibition of the sector.

Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which is the only domestic activity where the entire development in LED and LED products and the market growth can be seen at the same time keeps growing every year in its path through consolidating its feature of being a field where all the trade is conducted. The growth of Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which is closely followed by all of those allied, complementing or peripheral to LED products and is definitely added into their participation and/or visit schedules can clearly be seen in the number and quality of the visitors increasing every year.

Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which has been maintaining its growth in its path for 7 years achieved a spectacular success through increasing the number of its participants by 42%.

 259 companies, 15 of which are international ones, opened their stands and products from 309 companies were exhibited at the exhibition where the most outstanding and latest products from Turkiye and 16 countries were exhibited at its 10th year. During the 4-day period, Led&Led Lighting Exhibition was visited by 18.476 professionals from 62 countries. Being supported by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkiye as well as various domestic non-governmental organizations and sectoral publications, Led&Led Lighting Exhibition is also closely followed in the international arena with the support of foreign non-governmental organizations and sectoral publications.