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Continuing to work by focusing mainly on project designing strategies after the exhibition organizations came to an end in October 2015, Marmara Fair Organization began to meet the exhibitors of the previous years in the end of 2015 as a part of its planning. Planning to turn its steps towards new exhibitors in the new year after finalizing its meetings with the exhibitors of the previous years in January 2016, Marmara Fair Organization project team intends to begin working on the organizational tasks in May after all the exhibition area is reserved.

Particularly, the team will work on the assessment of exhibitors’ requests for the arrangement of the exhibition area and the options related thereto, and carry out studies in order to ensure that exhibitors get the maximum benefit from the exhibition. Since the most important issue at this point is the works aimed at visitors, the project team is expected to complete its project works after May, and support the works towards visitors carried out by the visitor-organization team.

Marmara Fair Organization has begun working for the International Led&Lighting Exhibition to be organized in 2016 without making any distinction between home and abroad, and already signed collaboration agreements with related associations, sectoral publications and similar exhibitions held abroad. In addition to these agreements, the team of Marmara Fair Organization is continuing its field works by participating in sectoral meetings such as congresses, symposiums and seminars as well as by taking the necessary steps to enhance the knowledge of the project team about the industry.