Led&Led Lighting Exhibition, the only exhibition in the LED industry in Turkey is preparing to meet its visitors for the 11th time between October 1st-4th this year. Led&Led Lighting Exhibition constantly increased the number of its exhibitors and visitors as it provided the platform needed by the industry beginning from the year of 2007 when it first began to be organized by Marmara Fair Organization, and the preparations for the event continue at full speed this year. The promotional works for the 11th Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which will continue to be the only exhibition on LED technology enables both deep-rooted and new companies in the industry to take part in this prestigious exhibition and creates opportunities for the stakeholders in the industry to come together.

Having increased the number of its exhibitors and visitors every year since 7 years, Led&Led Lighting Exhibition had 42% increase in the attendance rate in 2014, which demonstrates the success of Marmara Fair Organization in this regard. For the year of 2015, however, considering the works done to this day, advertisements were given to 11 domestic publications and ‘insert’ invitations were attached to 10 industry magazines in order to reach the readers in the printing media. In addition, the exhibition’s printed bulletins are still regularly submitted on monthly basis to over 50 printed and internet publications which cover industries that are related to the Led&Led Lighting Exhibition. ‘E-mail’ work was carried out for promoting the exhibition to the members of over 30 establishments, including publications, associations, chambers, foundations or public institutions with whom agreement was made under special conditions and most of whom perform activities in the international area. We aim for making promotions for the exhibition to broader segments via the e-mails sent to the members of these institutions and thus reaching more visitors and exhibitors. Moreover, agreement was made with over 15 national and international major web sites making both industry-specific and general publication for the internet environment, and the advertisement band of Led&Led Lighting Exhibition was published on these web sites pursuant to this agreement.

In addition to the intensive works carried out in the printed and visual media, the stakeholders in the industry were personally contacted via chambers of industry and commerce and organized industrial zones.  According to the information provided by Marmara Fair Organization for the 11th Led&Led Lighting Exhibition to be organized on October 1st-4th 2015, 250 Chambers of Industry and Commerce and 165 Organized Industrial Zones have been contacted so far. Correspondence and negotiations were made with over 30 organizations including domestic and overseas associations in the industry, trade associations and foundations, and these associations, chambers and foundations were asked to make announcements to their members pursuant to the agreements made as a result of these negotiations.

Promotion works are made both locally and abroad since Led&Led Lighting Exhibition draws attention from both our country and abroad in terms of exhibitors and visitors. Negotiations and correspondence were made with foreign attaches in our country and request was made for the announcement of Led&Led Lighting Exhibition to be made on web pages and bulletins under the scope of overseas works. In addition to that, negotiations were made with the attaches of our country located abroad and it was requested that the announcement for the Led&Led Lighting Exhibition is made on web pages and bulletins the same way. In this framework, dialogues were made with over 100 Turkish Trade Attaches abroad and this way it was ensured that Led&Led Lighting Exhibition news are communicated to the respective persons abroad. Another work made under the scope of overseas work was that Led&Led Lighting Exhibition stands were set up in many international overseas exhibitions as a result of ‘barter’ agreements made with these exhibitions, and the Led&Led Lighting Exhibition was promoted to both the exhibitor companies in these exhibitions and potential visitors that might be the target mass for the Led&Led Lighting Exhibition.

In addition to dense activities made during domestic and overseas promotions, Marmara Fair Organization continues its promotions on site and personally carries out the announcements and promotions for the 11th Led&Led Lighting Exhibition in the areas comprising a majority of visitors of the exhibition, where the LED industry is mainly located and respective business centers are located. Invitation for the Led&Led Lighting Exhibition is delivered to all workplaces in the selected area or to the housings via personal contact with the industry and visitors, the persons to whom invitations for the exhibition are given are provided information regarding the exhibition and they are explained why they should visit Led&Led Lighting Exhibition.

In addition to site works, Marmara Fair Organization also carries out its visitor works with a team of 10 persons, and currently works on updating and improving the visitor details for the Led&Led Lighting Exhibition with this newly established team. According to the information provided by the Marketing and Organization Department to our magazine, lists to be used for sending invitations to 180 thousand domestic addresses and 40 thousand overseas updated addresses via mail have been prepared as a result of the visitor works made, and invitations will be sent abroad in July and locally in August pursuant to these lists.

In addition to the intensive promotion works conducted by Marmara Fair Organization Marketing and Organization team, the supports received by Led&Led Lighting Exhibition further make attending this exhibition, which is the meeting point for the LED industry, an attractive choice for the companies. Led&Led Lighting Exhibition is under the scope of support of KOSGEB again this year as in every year, and applicants who take part in the exhibition will have the opportunity to be refunded the part to be considered under the scope of “International Special Fair” amounting up to 6,000 TL for 50 square meter as support from KOSGEB. In addition to KOSGEB, Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) will continue to provide support under the exhibition to all IZTO member companies who attend Led&Led Lighting Exhibition in 2015. The support requires that the applicant company is a member of the chamber (is active) and has no subscription due debts to the chamber. In the meantime, the incentive will be cancelled and no payment will be made to the company if the company displays an entirely foreign brand which is not indicated in the application form and which doesn’t provide any added value in its stand as product or service.

Led&Led Lighting Exhibition is supported by Turkey’s prominent academicians and non-governmental organizations and persons. It also maintains its collaboration with chambers of industry and commerce, overseas partners selected on a local and global scale as well as with representatives in Europe, Middle East, Far East and neighboring countries around Turkey. This way local exhibitors have the opportunity to get into the international area and international exhibitors have the opportunity get into the local market.

11th Led&Led Lighting Exhibition where mainly LED lighting products will be displayed and yet any kind of LED semi-products and components will also be included will take place on October 1st-4th 2015 in Istanbul Expo Center in halls no 9 and 10. The event is the only domestic exhibition in the industry where every sort of LED products such as any size of LED displays, LED products used in the advertisement industry, outdoor lighting, architecture and industry are displayed together.


Concurrent with the Led&Led Lighting Exhibition to be organized on October 1st-4th 2015, the “Led Conference” which is the only discussion platform in the LED industry in Turkey is among the major exhibition activities this year as in every year. Bringing together all the segments with regard to LED and LED Lighting, the Led Conference is getting ready to make its discussion subjects more specialized in 2015 and to bring together an increased number of respective persons and enthusiasts.  The subjects of the Led Conference, organized for the 7th time this year with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources are likely to create lots of excitement this year as they are picked from among subjects which form the industry’s agenda. Here are the topics for the LED Conference in 2015;

  • Regulations Regarding LED Road Lighting
  • 2015 Light Year
  • OLED and OLED Lighting
  • LED Usage in Production (in Automotive, Electronics, Small House Appliances)
  • Automation in Road Lighting
  • Lighting Designers Panel

7th The Led Conference will again be moderated by the Advisory Board comprising experts who are top level persons in the industry owing to their successful works in the area of LED this year as in every year. Those who wish to be a speaker in the conference are required to submit their abstracts until June 12th if they want to speak on the topics previously determined by the Led Conference Advisory Board. The applicants will be able to attend Led Conference and speak after their application summary passes the elimination made by the board and is selected. Applications for the 7th Led Conference and submissions of summary will be made according to the established calendar, and you can access the necessary information at ledkonferansi.com.

All stakeholders in the industry such as industrialists, academicians, applicators and end users will come together in the 7th Led Conference sponsored by VESTEL with regard to the 11th Led&Led Lighting Exhibition, LED Lighting, LED products and the developments in the LED Technology.


This year the Led Competition is organized for the sixth time in order to create opportunities on LED and LED Lighting which shortly began to enter every part of our lives with their energy efficiency and long service life properties and thus to open new horizons, and to be able to promise to ambitious project owners in the industry. Applications will begin on  March 2nd 2015 and will end on July 31st 2015.

Supporting new projects and bright ideas and contributing to the increase in production and R&D works, bringing together the university students who are interested in the industry and the industry professionals and increasing awareness with regard to LED, the LED Competition takes place under the Platinum Sponsorship of PELSAN.

Project owners will have the opportunity to introduce their works to all the people in the industry and the academicians who are interested in LED in this competition. The winner will receive TL 5,000, the 2nd will receive TL 3,000 and the 3rd will receive TL 1,500 monetary award at the end of the competition to be determined by the final decision of the competition jury after the presentations made by the project owners.

Information such as the topics established by the Advisory Board for the 6th LED Competition, application calendar and conditions for attending the competition can be accessed from ledyarismasi.com.

Spot:  Deadline for submission of Abstracts for the 7th Led Conference: June 12th 2015

Deadline for applying for the 6th Led Competition: July 31st 2015