International Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which is the only exhibition in Turkiye and the region is being held for the 11th time at Istanbul Expo Center on October 1-4, 2015.

Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which was first held in 2007 was totally held for 10 times, 8 time in Istanbul and twice in Ankara. The exhibition which maintained a continuous growth since the first year it was held has made an indelible impression with its uncommonly great growth rates. 11th International Led&Led Lighting Exhibition achieved, in comparison with the previous year, a growth rate of 55% in 2012 and 20% in 2013. Although the target growth rate was 30% in 2014, it achieved an exceptional rate of 71%. These growth rates are expected to continue at extraordinary levels as a consequence of the operations designed for the upcoming years.

Being the main source of one of the most radical changes that could be experienced within a sector, LEDs have caused the replacement of the players in multiple sectors. LEDs that were exhibited only in component exhibitions in the past have penetrated into advertisement-signboard sectors and visual lighting fields in subsequent years. Not a long time but just 5-6 years ago, LED lighting products used to constitute an area of less than 10% in the world’s leading lighting exhibitions. While the traditional lighting products were exhibited in the limelight, LED lighting products were exhibited on the back burner. However, it is today almost impossible to find any products other than LED lighting products in all the lighting exhibitions. Noteworthy changes in advertisement sector, electronics sector, automotive sector and many other fields have occurred thanks to the proliferation of and decrease in the cost of LED products.

Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which was started on a decision made following a meticulous analysis during a period when LED products were included only in component exhibitions has done itself proud with its current status it has reached today growing in parallel with the sector. It is inevitable that the result that we as Marmara Fair Organization have reached via increasing our work pace every year to maintain the growth rates our exhibitions achieved will also reflect on the upcoming years.

As Marmara Fair Organization, we also started to hold conferences and competitions related to LED with the first exhibition of the LED products. 7th LED Conference and 6th LED Competition whose advisory boards include the most respected names of Turkiye in the field of LED have always enhanced their prestige since the first year they were held, and have reached in 2014 a level where many lecturers who would like to participate in the conference cannot be registered in the schedule due to lack of time and it has become difficult to execute the auditions related to the more than 50 projects that register. The growth that has been experienced is expected to increase even more in 2015.

The contribution made by the operations related to LED which have been executed since 2007 is becoming more obvious every day. With the awareness of the responsibilities brought about by the growth and development experienced in the sector, it can be seen that expectations have also increased as a result of this growth. As Marmara Fair Organization, we therefore increase our work pace and widen our operation field every year. The number of foreign visitors which increased with the foreign visitor operations which started in 2012 has, increasing every day, reached a satisfying level in 2014. As of today, we have already started our operations to receive more visits from larger masses to our exhibitions in 2015.

We look forward to seeing you participate in 11th International Led&Led Lighting Exhibition which is the only exhibition which covers LED Lighting, LED Components and LED Products not only in Turkiye but also in the region in order to

  • Strengthen your current market,
  • Penetrate into new markets, meet new buyers,
  • Commence operations in the regional developing countries,
  • Follow the latest developments in the sector and keep up with the latest products,
  • Introduce and convey your products to larger masses.