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Led Conference is being organized concurrently with 12.Led&Led Lighting Exhibition between October 06th-09th 2016 for the 8th time. LED Conference which is held by Vestel’s platinum sponsor, it brings together all the sectors of LED and Lighting in Turkey is going to gather much more interested people in 2016 while improving and expanding even more.

THE SCOPE: The sector, industrialists, academicians, operators and end users related to Lighting, LED products and the LED development are going to come together.

Led Conference’s main scope will be

  • The production of LED and OLED
  • The use of LED in Lighting
  • Other uses of LED (Architecture, Advertisement, Visual, Technological etc.)

THE PURPOSE: Led Conference’s purpose is to bring together the sector companies, academicians and students related to those sectors and to bring all those sectors with state institutions and organizations.

  • To discuss the usage of LED and place where Led has reached
  • To exchange information about different applications area of LED
  • To examine the latest technologies
  • To discuss the LED contributions to the energy efficiency
  • To share and discuss the experiences related to the fields of application of LED
  • To accelerate the development by sharing the experiences of the sector companies
  • To gather together research&product development of colleagues with the sector
  • To share and support R&D activities
  • To detect what is needed and inform the public

OUR GOAL: Our goal in LED Conference related to LED which is in our life for many years is

  • To make LED Lighting and LED products known better
  • To cause the raise of the quality awareness of Lighting and LED products
  • To support R&D in LED technology in our country

To ensure a positive development in the sector